Attention Marketing Leaders
Discover A REAL System That Allows Your Average Person To Win Even If They SUCK At Marketing And Won't Tarnish Your Hard Earned Stellar Reputation

Marketing Leaders... Let's Have An Honest Discussion
Ok Marketing Leader, you are getting this training page from the dude you hear on the video or through someone leveraging our content.

Let's have a totally honest conversation with you.

If you have been involved in some type of enterprise where you are looking to build and then leverage a team of people to promote an underlying offer.....
IT'S BEEN TOUGH to find anything worthwhile and legitimate to promote on the internet.

First, our Joe and Susie Averages typically SUCK at Marketing. They are fantastic people. But most do not have any type of list and either don't have the time nor the inclination to learn what it takes to build a big enterprise on the net.

Since most of our audiences will consist of Joe and Susie Averages, perhaps like me (the dude doing the video training) you have sought out ways to empower your Joe and Susie Averages to win even if they don't recruit or make sales.

But then you are typically limited to the Zeek Rewards, Bitconnect, USI-Tech type offers. We know a lot of money can be made with these type of offers.

And sometimes even Joe and Susie Average make good money with these systems as long as they are around. But we know these systems have a very short lifespan because they are built on sand.

Ultimately WHEN.... not IF... they CRASH and Burn, they leave far more people losing money than the few that made it.

Then we, as leaders, have to start all over AGAIN... but this time, our reputations have taken yet another beating and we typically have fewer folks following as a result.

This ultimately becomes a RAT RACE and we stay on a Recruiting/Selling Treadmill. But isn't that why we embraced this industry to start with so we could escape this....

Discover A 100% Hands-Free, Fully Automated Trading Platform Designed To Assist You & Your Audience
In CA$HFLOWING The World's Largest Financial Market
We respect your valuable time in evaluating how our offer will benefit you and your following. So you have entered the NO BS ZONE!
In less than the time it takes to watch a bad Movie... you'll discover a Believable Path to you and your audience CA$HFLOWING the world's largest financial market. (See our Risk Disclaimer below).

In this training we'll introduce you to our Proprietary "Primer Strategy." While past performance is no indicator of future results and we can never guarantee trading performance....

Our system employs a team of very skilled traders that have shown the ability to double trading accounts in as little as 3 months or even less.

Past performance is no indicator of future results!

Now, we are NOT talking about those other systems that purport to trade on your behalf but never show you any trading results. Sound Familiar?

You and your following will have accounts in YOUR name with a reputable broker. You will not send money to a shady third party outfit. You'll only send funds to the reputable broker.

You will be able to see every trade, winner or loser from your broker's backoffice.

Now Back To Our Proprietary "Primer Strategy"

Our Proprietary "Primer Strategy" is designed to assist you and your following in quickly getting out of risk and in a position for you and them to potentially take periodic withdrawals. In time we hope these periodic withdrawals will be a source of Monthly CA$HFLOW!


Our system leverages a 100%, Fully Automated Trading Platform manned by Real Professional Traders.

- You'll Never have to look at charts or learn how to trade

- Through our 100% FREE TRAINING PORTAL, get as Much or as Little Training as You would like before setting up Your Trading Account(s). We want you to "Understand It As You Undertake It."

- Inside The Portal, Follow REAL MONEY Trading Accounts. Follow along for as little or as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable funding your own account.

- Your trading will be in YOUR OWN Brokerage ACCOUNT(S) in YOUR OWN NAME. No sending your hard earned assets to some scammy third party and hoping they will pay you a certain % per day, week or month.... only to see them vanish like thieves in the middle of the night.

So No More CRAPPY 1% a day or 2% a day systems that inevitably steal your money and that of any referrals you may have sent them. Your name will not be tarnished with our system!

- You will have full transparency as you will see EVERY TRADE.... Winners and Losers!

- Strong Risk Management to help prevent Catastrophic Losses

- Simple and Easy withdrawal processes

- Our "Primer Strategy" is a prelude to our "Millionaire Strategy" designed to assist you in becoming a Millionaire in 4 - 6 years.

- Optionally Participate In A HUSH/HUSH (SHHHH) Referral Income Stream. The Set-Up Of This Income Stream Is Absolutely FREE! This income stream kicks the butt of any legitimate affiliate or network marketing model that you have seen.

* Make sure you watch the brief orientation video once you come inside the portal so you can get started on the Right Track.

Meet Shamu
We like to give nicknames to our traders that represent top predators in the animal kingdom. The idea is for them to go into the market and snatch profits like a top alpha predator.

We refer to one of our trading teams as Shamu, the name of the legendary Killer Whale of Sea World.

Shamu had a stretch (late August 2018 - mid December 2018) where a $1,000 account traded by the team could have grown to $94,114 trading at 100% of their risk.

Past Performance Is No Indicator Of Future Results

Now the traders for this Primer Strategy are ULTRA AGGRESSIVE. There is no way you can take a $1,000 account and EXPLODE IT to $94,114 in four months without being VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY (get the point).... AGGRESSIVE!

So with our Primer Strategy, we do not have our accounts traded at 100% of the Traders' Risk. Yes, that can mean GARGANTUAN Returns but that can also mean a 100% wipe out when they blow their accounts.

A blown account means that because they are so aggressive, they ultimately can have THEIR account traded to $0.

In fact, in our minds, it isn't a question of IF they will Blow their account, it is a question of WHEN!

So, WE DO NOT TRADE at 100% of the Trader's Risk. Instead we trade at a cap of 50% of their risk. At times the risk can even be lower than 50%.

This way, if they blow their account, they do not blow our accounts.

This allows us to strike a balance between HyperGrowth in our accounts and balancing downside risk.

As explained in the recorded webinar, we were trading Shamu at an average of 40% risk.

That means if the traders made $1.... we would have made $.40. Further, if the traders lost $1, we would have lost $.40.

So with our Primer Strategy, that $1,000 account would not have grown to $94,114. However, at 40% risk a $1,000 account could have grown to $37,646 in about 4 months.

Further, with our withdrawal strategy, which is discussed in the recorded webinar, one could have pocketed a cool $9,161.

As Shamu BLEW his account, (Remember it is not a question of IF.... it is a question of WHEN) He did not blow ours.

The $1,000 account that could have grown to $37,646 with $9,161 being withdrawn..... still could have had $7,529 left after Shamu Blew his account.

Would you play that game?

You start an account with $1,000, in this example.

It grows to $37,646 in just under 4 months.

You put $9,161 in your coffers.

Shamu blows his account and you still have $7,529 in your trading account to start the process all over again.....

Only this time, you are starting with $7,529 in your trading account vs. $1,000 and you have $9,161 in the bank.

Now, this was based on a $1,000 account. Imagine those numbers based on a $10,000 account, $20,000 account, $50,000 account or more.

What if you had funded with $10,000? You could have potentially CA$HFLOWED $91,161 and when the buzzer sounded and that game ended, you could have still had $75,290 in your trading account to start a new trading cycle.

Who wants to play that game? And how many times would you want to play that game?

But you don't have to break the bank. The minimum amount to fund an account is just $250. This minimum amount to fund an account will likely go up higher as we gain market share... so take advantage of the current low minimum.

We currently employ two trading teams so the suggested minimum funding is just $500 to fund each account with the $250 minimum.

Now we obviously can't guarantee that Shamu or any of our traders will have a run like this one.

This is why we teach "Match Light Funding." Match Light Funding means you only fund your trading account with funds that you can set ablaze and it not impact how you take care of your family.

In the Recorded Webinar we will reveal all of the Tenants of the "Primer Strategy." Make sure you take time to watch all of the training and then get your FREE training portal where we provide up to date training on what is happening with our traders and the trading accounts.

* Make sure you watch the brief orientation video once you come inside the portal so you can get started on the Right Track.

While the Primer Strategy is designed to get account holders into a CA$HFLOW position (if trading is successful)..... the ultimate goal is to produce MILLIONAIRES with this 100% Hands-Free, Fully Automated Platform.

In the Recorded Webinar we will layout our Millionaire Strategy. You'll have to watch the full webinar to discover the true power of the Million Strategy, so schedule time to watch it ALL!

Suffice it to say this... our Millionaire Accounts, will be traded at a reduced risk than the Primer Strategy. These accounts won't grow as fast. However, if/when the trading teams blow their accounts, Millionaire Accounts will be down far less on a percentage basis.

If the combination of your Millionaire Accounts are $100,000, on your way to a Million.... we don't want to see that account get cut in half to $50,000 if/when the trader's blow their accounts.

So the idea is to have Millionaire Accounts traded with much less aggression than the Primer Accounts.

Further, given that we'll use the Primer Accounts as potential CA$HFLOW accounts, we'll allow the Millionaire Accounts time to season (compound).

This could potentially allow for 6 figure months if the Millionaire Accounts hit double digit monthly returns after reaching 1 Million or more.

Just imagine in perhaps as little as 4 - 6 years, you have 1 Million or more in your Millionaire Accounts and you have a net 10% month. That could be $100,000+ in trading profits for the month..... all on 100% complete automation from the client end.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee any type of trading results. These are our targets, however. (See full Risk Disclaimer Below)

A Millionaire Account (not to be released until mid 2019) could have looked like this with Shamu, based on the reduced risk.

A Millionaire Account starts with $1,000 in this example.

Over 4 months, the Millionaire Account could have grown to a net of $14,117.10.

After Shamu blew his account, the Millionaire Account could have still had $11,293.68 to start a brand new trading cycle.

* Make sure you watch the brief orientation video once you come inside the portal so you can get started on the Right Track.

We haven't even discussed the HUSH/HUSH....SHHHHHH.... Referral Income Stream.

Now you NEVER, EVER have to refer anyone to anything that we're doing. If you are content with just being an account holder, then we are content that you are content. This is great news for your Joe & Susie Averages that struggle when it comes to recruiting and sales.

However, there is an amazing potential income stream tied to you referring others to what we're doing.

And it surpasses anything we have seen in the legitimate world of affiliate or network marketing. Plus, very few in the marketing world even know about this income stream. So you'll have a leg up on your competition!

The beautiful part is setting up that income stream is FREE!

So you can have a Free Portal where you can leverage a 100% Hands-Free Fully Automated Trading Platform with the account in your name....

And you can set up the optional referral income stream for FREE!

Plus we provide multiple training pages just like this that you and your audience can leverage to build a substantial referral based income.

We touch on this income stream in the recorded webinar. However, we do a deep dive into this HUSH/HUSH SHHHHH... income stream inside of the FREE Portal.

Ah, HECK.... you can just go on and get the FREE portal. Once you are inside, this same training is located on the home page.

- So if you are sick and tired of all of the games! NO MORE CRAPPY 1% - 2% a day systems....

- If you want something REAL.... a Real Market... Having a Real Account in your name where you can see every trade (winner or loser).... If You want real transparency and accountability....

- If you want a system that doesn't require you to have to Recruit or Sell in order to potentially profit.... This obviously attracts more Joe & Susie Averages to you...

- If you would like to have FREE "DONE FOR YOU" promotional content just like this training page that you can then give away to help build your referral income stream

Then grab your FREE portal now and we'll see you on the inside.

* Make sure you watch the brief orientation video once you come in so you can get started on the Right Track. We'll even show you where to go to learn more about this HUSH/HUSH SHHHH.... income stream

Risk Disclaimer For Forex Trading

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

The managed account is with a specific broker. With the exception of a few blacklisted countries, the broker does not restrict your ability to open an account based on your citizenship. However, it is possible that your country of citizenship has restrictions on trading with a broker outside of their domicile. It is impossible for us to know all of the countries that may have such restrictions. Due to the viral nature of how this content is distributed, it is incumbentupon you, the potential account holder, to determine if your country of citizenship imposes any such restrictions.